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Home » sx6 Metal Bitcoin Backup Plate – User Guide

sx6 Metal Bitcoin Backup Plate – User Guide

How to use your metal backup plate:

  1. Get your seed phrase that you’ve hopefully written down on a piece of paper
  2. Get you S^6 backup plate, marker pen and centre punch
  3. For each word in the seed phrase, use the marker pen to mark the the first four letters of the word in the corresponding column. For example, for the first word “super”, mark the letters 1. S, 2. U, 3. P, 4. E in column one. Do this for all words in your seed phrase
  4. Check and double check that you have marked all letters correctly. Test restore a wallet using your seed phrase if you’re ultra paranoid / smoke a lot of weed
  5. Using the automatic centre punch, carefully punch the centre of each marked letter into the metal plate. Engrave or write a note into the notes area if the plate. You can use the centre punch to scratch a note.
  6. You’ve done the hard part. Now put the plate into the provided foam envelope, then into the paper envelope and finally seal it within a tamper evident bag.
  7. Make a note on the outside of the tamper evident bag abd write down the number on the outside of the bag and keep it somewhere safe. You can use this number to make sure that no one has opened and replaced the bag.
  8. Put the whole shebang somewhere safe. A fireproof safe, lock box but not your sock drawer.