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Sx6 Triple Pack


What are you? Some sort of shadowy super multisigger or something? Or maybe you’re not so shadowy and just a pleb who wants to give some backup plates out as presents.

Anyway, buy three and save a tiny bit of money. Out margins are tight so we can’t go too mad with our offers.

It’s a metal seed plate. Stamp your seeds and put them somewhere safe.

+ Compatible with 12 to 24 word seed phrases
+ 316L marine grade stainless steel
+ 2mm thick x 110mm x 76mm
+ Double sided
+ A space for notes
+ Fire, water and rust resistant

The product includes

  • Three Sx6 24 word metal backup plates
  • Three presentation boxes
  • Three 1mm foam sleeves
  • Three white envelopes
Weight .45 kg
Add 15 tamper evident bags?

No – Please don't add 15 tamper evident bags, Yes – Please add 15 tamper evident bags